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SAE 3120
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This page provides SAE 3120 datasheet, SAE 3120 mechanical properties, SAE 3120chemical element SAE 3120, technical specifications of SAE 3120 steel material properties SAE 3120 performance specifications
Steel grade and Chemical Composition:
Steel grade:SAE 3120
Type:ISO heat resistant steel
Chemical Composition, %
C (%):    0.17~0.22
Si (%):    0.20~0.35
Mn (%):  0.60~0.80
P (%)≤:  0.040
S (%)≤:  0.040
Cr (%):   0.55~0.75
Ni (%):   1.10~1.40
Mo (%): -
Heat treatment and Mechanical Properties:       
Mechanical property ≥ σb/MPa:   785
Mechanical property ≥ σs/MPa:   590
Mechanical property ≥ δ5 (%):    10
Mechanical property ≥ ψ (%):     50
Hot working temperature /℃:      1100~8
Specification and size for AISI A2317
We provide you AISI A2317 with different shapes and sizes as follows:
Round steel diameter:0.1mm-3000mm 
Square steel: 8mm-4000mm 
Plate/flat steel thickness:0.08mm-2000mm  
Length: as per the customer's request 
Irregular forged pieces: square, flat, ring, cylinder, step shaft and so on. 
Steel tube: Outer diameter 4-1000mm* wall thickness 1-80mm
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